There are untold health benefits of listening to music, whatever your current situation. Music can be a mood booster, which in turn can help your immune system, it can help your heart regulate its blood flow, and the right music can assist with relaxation and better sleep.

When pregnant, you should be in tune with anything that can help your body operate in a healthier way. This includes listening to the right music, to aid with better health for both you and your baby.

One of the most essential aspects of a healthy pregnancy is relaxing. It’s not easy when a baby is growing inside you, but it’s fundamental to give the best chance of a hassle-free pregnancy.

This is why many experts recommend taking steps to relax, especially during your third trimester. Some women stop working (if they can) around this time, particularly if they work in high-stress environments. Listening to music, especially classical music or other soothing varieties, can aid with lowering stress and increasing relaxation.

Many pregnant women stop working a few months before the baby is due, and may stop some hobbies that require too much energy or pose a risk to the baby. This means that they have more time on their hands. Boredom during pregnancy is detrimental to both mother and child, so it is very beneficial to find productive hobbies.

With lots of recreation time, some women fall into unhealthy hobbies; these can range from being unproductive to outright dangerous. Even seemingly harmless games such as Candy Crush can be addictive, not to mention casino games. These can potentially turn into a gambling addiction which can be hard to stop once the baby arrives, and could have a detrimental impact on both you and the baby.

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